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Linking Laconically Is Letting YOU Choose the Header

You might've noticed the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign where the old header used to be. It was time for a change, and there were some good suggestions last week. I've included your suggestions in a poll, and I'll leave it up to a vote for today. The header that receives the most votes by 7 AM tomorrow will go up.

You also had some nice suggestions for the BlogPoll. I've posted the final one after the jump, but in summation: Virginia Tech down to #19 due to a weak schedule, Arkansas out for Troy being their best victory, and Penn State in at #25 because that Temple win is looking better and better and because only losing to Alabama by 18 doesn't look so bad now.

And now, the links!

Dantonio to media: "No soup for you!" - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Dantonio's putting the lock down on the team this week, I shrug my shoulders. It sounds like the only time the media gets to meet with the players on the reg is 15 minutes on Tuesday, so whatever. Anyone who claims this is a big deal is pouring sand on a molehill, trying to wish it into a mountain.

Rush is eager to show OSU his skills | Detroit Free Press |

Ohio native Le'Veon Bell already focused on Spartans' matchup next week with Buckeyes |

A few members of the media managed to get quotes from a couple players before the cone of silence fell though.

A Beautiful Day for Football: a Michigan State Football Blog: The Mid-Season Review Broken down into known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

Caring Is Creepy 2012: Have a Seat, Anthony Clemmons Lastly, there'll be two future Big Ten players for Lansing Sexton this season, as Denzel Valentine's teammate committed to Iowa yesterday.