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New Graphs- Non Conference Review Edition

Alright, so I like tables. Tables are cool. They provide information in a presentable, organized manner. But I think what's really been missing from those 'new math' posts, is some nice, pretty, graph action to show how things have been going from week to week. So, I've tried to round up some key 'new math' stats from the season thus far, below.

If the graphs look a little small, clicking on the image should take you to a bigger size. If you're still having trouble, drop a note in the comments and I'll try to fix it.

How EqPts sees our season so far:


-Looks mostly like you'd expect, huh? (gnashes teeth over ND game)

More, After the jump...


MSU by quarter:

Offensive Side of the Ball


-Look at how schizoid the 1st quarter performances have been. That sure looks like the performance of hot and cold line play to me.
-If the other quarters could start looking a whole lot more like the 2nd quarter, we're gonna be in good, good shape.

Defensive side of the ball


-No offense has broken through the 1.0 S&P ceiling so far in any one quarter.

-'The 4th quarter' is Spartan for 'goodnight'. That's a big credit to our depth (it's mostly back-ups holding it down) and our focus on closing out games. Excellent.

MSU By Down

Offense By Down:


-Is more imaginative play-calling needed on first down? Or just better execution? Whatever the symptom, production on 1st downs seems to be lagging behind the other two.




-Central Michigan was a nice rebound performance here, wasn't it?

MSU Field Position:



-Pretty good so far, and a possible reason for optimism in the future.



-The defense responds, by kindly saying, "GTFO of our side of the field please."

In conclusion:

That's all I've got for now. I might add a few more in the next day or two, so check back Friday. If anyone has a request of a stat they'd like me to whip up, let me know in the comments. Also if there is a particular way of sharing this data (line, bar, pie, scatter-plot etc.) that you prefer, or don't like, let me know. I'll try to update these every 2-4 games or so. Hope this is illuminating!