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Linking Laconically Is Conversing with the Enemy

We are less than 48 hours until game day, and IT'S EXCITEMENT TIME PEOPLE! Before the links, I pledged to finish the Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket sometime this decade, so here's another matchup towards its end -- Bubba Smith (R.I.P.) v. Drew Stanton.

And now we've got some links for you.

Across the Field: Michigan State | Eleven Warriors

Our dear HeckDorland did a great Q&A with the esteemable Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors. It's a piece where offensive line struggles are commented on, defensive sleepers are stated, and Chapelle's Show references are made at the end. Go over there and give it a read.

I also did a podcast with Eleven Warriors that should be up today or tomorrow. Listen, then make fun of my ramblings.

Analyzing the Enemy: Michigan State Spartans - Along The Olentangy

SB Nation's Ohio State blog Along the Olentangy has a breakdown of a few of MSU's offensive sets. Difficulty -- they use video from the Capital One Bowl; your defense may is not as good as Alabama's.

"I went back to Ohio..." - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe

Rexrode has a few quotes from linebackers coach Mike Tressel, and also takes a second look at the CMU-MSU game. It also appears that Jared McGaha might play a bit on Saturday, and while he wouldn't start he would go a long way to provide quality depth against the Buckeyes.

What is Your Profession? There's another good Spartan blog in town! Welcome.

A Beautiful Day for Football: a Michigan State Football Blog: Homecoming: B.J. Cunningham ABDfF takes a look at Cunningham's Spartan career from his recruitment in 2006 to today.

Michigan State's Mike Tressel gets message from inside Ohio State | I don't blame the writer -- newspapers have space to fill, and these are the type of stories that get published when quotes can't be obtained from players.

Midnight Madness Scheduled For Oct. 14 - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE SQUEE. Doors open at 9:30 and starts at 10:30. Get there early -- even though it's free, the Breslin Center hit capacity before the show started last year.