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Projected Michigan State Football Two-Deep: Offense

Oh you better believe Le'Veon's RB1.
Oh you better believe Le'Veon's RB1.

Basketball's been pretty painful lately hasn't it? Let's think about football for a while. Jim over at A Beautiful Day for Football does terrific work. To thank him, before you read the projected depth chart, read this about the MSU-UM rivalry on the hardwood, or this football recruiting update.

After the jump, the projected two-deep on offense with a few notes. The projected two-deep on defense will be up later this afternoon/evening. These are merely one man's best guesses, your two-deep can and will vary.

Position 2012 2013 2014 2015
QB1 Andrew Maxwell Andrew Maxwell Connor Cook Connor Cook
QB2 Connor Cook Connor Cook Tyler O'Connor Tyler O'Connor
RB1 Le'Veon Bell Le'Veon Bell Nick Hill Nick Tompkins
RB2 Larry Caper Nick Hill Nick Tompkins TBD(2013 kid)
FB1 Niko Palazeti Niko Palazeti Niko Palazeti Trevon Pendleton
FB2 Trevon Pendleton Trevon Pendleton Trevon Pendleton TBD(?)
X1 Bennie Fowler Bennie Fowler Aaron Burbridge Aaron Burbridge
X2 Juwan Caesar Aaron Burbridge Juwan Caesar TBD(Monty Madaris)
Y1 DeAnthony Arnett DeAnthony Arnett DeAnthony Arnett MacGarrett Kings
Y2 Andre Sims Jr. MacGarrett Kings MacGarrett Kings TBD(2013 kid)
Z1 Tony Lippett Tony Lippett Tony Lippett TBD(2013 kid)
Z2 Keith Mumphery Keith Mumphery Keith Mumphery TBD(2013 kid)
TE1 Dion Sims Dion Sims Josiah Price Josiah Price
TE2 Josiah Price Josiah Price Evan Jones Evan Jones
LT1 Dan France Dan France Kodi Kieler Kodi Kieler
LT2 Fou Fonoti Henry Conway Michael Dennis TBD(2013 kid)
LG1 Fou Fonoti Blake Treadwell Brandon Clemons Brandon Clemons
LG2 Blake Treadwell Brandon Clemons Benny McGowan Benny McGowan
C1 Travis Jackson Travis Jackson Travis Jackson Jack Allen
C2 Blake Treadwell Blake Treadwell Jack Allen TBD(2013 kid)
RG1 Chris McDonald Donavan Clark Donavan Clark Donavan Clark
RG2 Blake Treadwell Blake Treadwell Benny McGowan Benny McGowan
RT1 Skyler Burkland Skyler Burkland Skyler Burkland Zach Higgins
RT2 Fou Fonoti Henry Conway Zach Higgins TBD(2013 kid)

And the notes. Everything from here on out was written by Jim.

- You'll notice I've replaced Fou Fonoti at RT with Skyler Burkland, I think if Fonoti displaces anyone it'd be Dan France, Burkland has NFL size at a position where it's hugely beneficial to have NFL size.

- I currently have Fonoti taking over for Foreman at Left Guard. You could see any combination of Fonoti, Treadwell or Travis Jackson depending on who wins out at the battle for Center.

- The interior offensive line looks ferocious next year, expect the running between the tackles to improve.

- Freshmen I expect not to be redshirted next year: Josiah Price and that's it. I think Burbridge has the physical gifts, but unless Juwan Caesar is still hurt next fall, I think the only way Burbridge sees the field is if he wants to burn a redshirt.

- The staff said repeatedly that Lippett moves over to WR next season no matter what. Next year, I think MSU is an injury or two away at either CB or WR from needing Lippett real hard.

Transfer Risks After 2012:

  • WR - Keith Mumphery after 2012, Andre Sims after 2012
  • OT - Michael Dennis after 2012
Recruiting for 2013:
  • You can't ever have enough offensive linemen.
  • I'm not real sure what MSU will do at QB in 2013. With O'Connor and Cook in the fold, there are two solid prospects. In the glory days of 5 star QB recruits typically you'd stagger solid prospects with 5 star prospects. I don't know if MSU is looking to try and go down this road or not. Our last two 3-star QBs(Hoyer and Cousins) have worked out just fine.