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Linking Laconically Is Still Trying to Find the Words to Describe the Outback Bowl

Hey y'all. There'll be a recap of the game tomorrow, but let's be honest -- you know all the critical moments and triumphs of the game. I could fill the recap with "YUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS" and that would work, but I want to do a really good job with it. That's why it going's to be a bit late, but trust me -- it'll be worth it. In lieu of a recap, here are some links.

Finishing with a flurry - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Rexrode with the quintessential take.

Drew Sharp: Michigan State finds bowl salvation when field-goal attempt snuffed out | Detroit Free Press | Drew Sharp you say? Why not, I'm feeling magnanimous.

Michigan State rallies from 16-0 halftime deficit, beats Georgia in third OT of Outback Bowl | A traditional gamer if you forgot the details. Because of lack of oxygen to your brain. Because that's what happens when you hyperventilate for half the fourth quarter and three overtimes.

Snap Judgments: Sparty saves afternoon after B1G bowl letdowns – Campus Union Our dearest Aunt Stabby with a brief recap of the Outback Bowl along with other games yesterday.

David Attenborough Narrates The Outback Bowl - From Our Editors - Jerel Worthy GIF? Oh, you know I'm on that.

Michigan State Spartans 33, Georgia Bulldogs 30: All's Bad That Ends Badly? - Dawg Sports A view from our blog bros over at Dawg Sports, SB Nation's Georgia Bulldog blog.

QUICK HITS: Michigan State 33, Georgia 30, 3OT - The game was rated an "A" for entertainment value. I'd agree with that, as would the few years taken off my life.

Spartans prevent another B1G debacle - Big Ten Blog - ESPN Lastly, Rittenberg says what we all thought at one point afterwards -- MSU saved the B1G's ass. Surprisingly, I don't think Jim Delany (remember, when spelling Jim's last name it's "Delany" like Dana, not Kim) will be sending Mark Hollis a gift basket.