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Edwin Baker Enters NFL Draft

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File this under "news that was somewhat surprising but logical" -- Edwin Baker has announced that he will enter the NFL draft, foregoing his senior season. Baker told the Associated Press today that he would leave Michigan State early. He was first team All-Big Ten in 2010, running for 1,201 yards and 13 touchdowns on 207 attempts. This year he was less effective with a mostly green offensive line, as he ran for 665 yards and five scores on 170 attempts. Le'Veon Bell took over as the feature back about halfway into the year; and that may (speculation for the win) have factored into Baker's decision to leave.

I haven't seen anything about Baker's potential draft position, mainly because few expected him to come out this year. I think it goes without saying that he probably won't be drafted in the first couple rounds. He did show a lot of talent in 2010 however, and with the right offensive line I could see him earning a spot on an NFL team. We wish him the best of luck, and thanks for all the ass-kicking runs.

As for Michigan State next year, Baker's departure hopefully won't leave too much of a mark. Le'Veon Bell will definitely receive the majority of carries next season, and Larry Caper and Nick Hill will provide a nice change of pace. It might not quite be Ringer and Caulcrick part two, but it should be somewhat similar.