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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week 5

The Spartans drop out in The Only Colors' BlogPoll ballot for week 5, when few teams could win convincingly.

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The past weekend in college football saw a lot of teams pulling out mediocre wins, and sadly Michigan State was not one of them. As such they fall out of the BlogPoll, as there are plenty of one-loss teams meriting more consideration than the Spartans right now. Here's the ballot:

Explanations after the jump.

  • The only two things I'm sure of in this ballot: Alabama is #1, Oregon is #2. I'd be willing to change anything else if you have a good argument.
  • I would've moved any team in the top 15-20 up a good margin if they had a dominant win, but a significant number of teams either didn't play this weekend or couldn't put their opponents away.
  • Washington's in because of a good win against Stanford, Cincinnati's in because of a win over a below-par Virginia Tech and because I think they're better than Louisville, and Louisiana Tech's in because wins over inferior versions of Houston, Illinois, and Virginia (all on the road, no less) look better than a lot of teams' resumes currently.
  • Iowa State's out because of a loss to Texas Tech, Louisville's out after nearly losing to an 0-4 Southern Miss. squad (I know, the same team I thought Nebraska had a good win against at the season's start), and Michigan State's out because you know why.