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The Only Colors' Week Seven BlogPoll Ballot

Alabama's back at the top in this week's BlogPoll ballot, and a second (!) Big Ten team finds its way to the top 25.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

We've hit what might as well be the halfway point, and the Big Ten is looking slightly better with TWO teams in our ballot this week. Here she is, and explanations are belwo:

  • Alabama on top this week after a dominating performance at Missouri. The Tide and the Ducks are essentially 1a and 1b on my ballot.
  • Notre Dame is slowly making a very good case to contend for the top spot. It'd help if they could blow out a team besides Navy, though.
  • Dropped Ohio State a notch for giving up 49 to Indiana, albeit a vastly improved from last year Indiana.
  • Teams in the top 15 that may be a bit too high: USC, Oregon State.
  • The undefeated Big East troika of Cincinnati, Louisville, and Rutgers all move down a couple spots because of superior performances from other teams, particularly Texas Tech.
  • Michigan's in there because they've looked very good the past couple weeks and because their two losses are to Top 3 teams.
  • New entries: Texas Tech (dismantled West Virginia, their only loss is to Oklahoma), Texas A&M (beat a ranked team in Louisiana Tech, only loss is to Florida by three), and the aforementioned Wolverines.
  • Dropouts: Iowa State (on the cusp, will probably pop back in when one of the undefeated Big East teams loses), Texas (MORE LIKE RED RIVER LOSE-OUT AMIRITE), and Louisiana Tech (close, but no cigar against the Aggies).