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Linking Laconically is Trying not to Decapitate Quarterbacks

William Gholston (unsurprisingly) said that he can hardly contain himself against Michigan.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Michigan State's William Gholston can hardly contain himself when it comes to rival Michigan |
After attempting to sever Denard's head, this doesn't come as much of a surprise.

MSU Vs. U of M Poem Preview | Banks Of The Red Cedar
I would call this poem a tragicomedy.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio going sleepless in East Lansing | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
Dantonio doesn't regret his decisions on fourth down Saturday against Iowa, but blames it on other things.

The Only Colors: After Iowa, MSU fans might be ready for some basketball | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |

"Based on the non-student crowd at the beginning of Saturday’s game against Iowa, the fans hadn’t given up on the football. But the 19-16 double-overtime loss might have done it. (The students are a whole other story.)"

Michigan's Jordan Kovacs: Michigan State 'played last year how we want to play' |

Jordan Kovacs, obviously, respects the way MSU played last year, and hopes to do that against MSU this year.

Michigan-Michigan State rivalry fires up Mark Dantonio | The Detroit News |

"You never will hear Dantonio come out and declare he hates Michigan. It's simply out of his character to say something like that publicly or so straightforward. But it's hard to ignore everything that has happened, particularly since 2007 when he became the Spartans coach."

Sims not on depth chart for MSU; Dantonio says he's questionable | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |

This injury is a lot worse than we all thought it was.

Mark Dantonio: Fifth consecutive win over Michigan something Spartans could 'savor' later |

"That's something that you look at and you would savor later in your life,"

Michigan State's William Gholston tough but has caring side, mom says | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |

"The public knows William Gholston as a large, menacing football player for Michigan State. His mother knows him as a 'thoughtful, considerate kid' who's also a practical jokester and loving father."

Spartans Issue of the Week: Michigan State's season could spiral out of control |

"After back-to-back 11-win seasons, this wasn't the start Michigan State had in mind." Nope. It sure was not.

Denard Robinson, 0-2 against Michigan State, looks to solve Spartans' defense |

MSU has yet to allow a star performance from Denard Robinson, and this year should be no exception.