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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week Eight

The Big Ten slowly gains ground as a third team enters this week's BlogPoll Ballot.

Justin K. Aller

Our BlogPoll ballot is a little late this week, but still here. Let's take a look:

And here's my rationale:

  • Notre Dame drops a couple spots after a lackluster win against BYU. Conversely, Kansas State rises a couple spots for demolishing a West Virginia team that has had a bad couple of weeks.
  • Oregon State drops because a top 10 team should demolish a 2-5 Utah team by more than 21-7.
  • Small bump for LSU, because even though they beat Texas A&M, it's still the same team that barely beat Auburn and South Carolina, the former of which is terrible and the latter's gild is coming off its rose rapidly.
  • Significant bump for Boise because they're maintaining their competency while other teams (South Carolina, hammered by Florida; Georgia, only beat Kentucky by 5) sink.
  • I wanted so badly to drop WVU and Texas completely, but couldn't think of two worthy replacements. If you have any post them in the comments, and I'd happily vote for them next week.
  • ARRIVALS: Wisconsin (very competent the last three weeks and three-point losses at Oregon State and Nebraska are forgivable), Texas (please let another team be here at #25 next week).
  • DEPARTURES: Cincinnati (lost to Toledo, only good win by 3 over a lackluster Virginia Tech), Texas A&M (maybe should've made it, but their two best performances are in losses to Florida and LSU, and their best win is either by two over Louisiana Tech or a 58-10 drubbing of Arkansas).