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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week Nine

The top stays steady, but the rest of TOC's BlogPoll ballot this week is chaos.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

Last week went well for the Spartans, but other teams in the top 25 found themselves in a peck o' trouble. Let's take a look at our ballot for this week:

And now my thoughts:

  • Alabama stays #1 after confirming what most of us thought about Miss. St. The SB Nation BlogPoll has KSU #2 instead of Oregon; I have no qualms with that but I have Oregon still at #2 because if those teams met on a neutral field, I think Oregon wins. Notre Dame at #4 after a good win over Oklahoma.
  • 5-9: OY. I really didn't want to rank Georgia that high, but they did beat Florida on a neutral field, so they'll be ranked ahead of the Gators this week. OSU continues its run through a weak conference in thoroughly uninspiring fashion. Florida State has one loss and a good win, so by default that puts them in the Top 10 this time of year (regret: probably should've put both them and Clemson behind Florida).
  • 11-17: I don't know. This is life, and we're all doing the best we can. Texas Tech only dropping two after getting shelled is a mea culpa on my part, they should've been dropped at least below Oklahoma.
  • NEWCOMERS: Arizona (good wins over Oklahoma State and USC, even though they have three losses they're all to teams ahead of them in this poll and two of those losses are close), UCLA (I was desperately looking for teams to rank, they're 6-2, and have a win against Nebraska), Nebraska (see UCLA's explanation), Louisiana Tech (I sure as heck wasn't going to rank Texas again after nearly losing to Kansas), and Toledo (only loss to Arizona in overtime, and I wasn't ready to pull the trigger and put Oklahoma State in this week).
  • DEPARTURES: Rutgers (lost to Kent State, and not by single digits either), Michigan (their best win is by two points over MSU), Wisconsin (finally met a defense that could stop them), Ohio (loss to Miami (not that Miami) meant there were other MAC teams more worthy of a spot), Texas (almost lost to a team with a SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE).