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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week 6

There's a new team at number one in The Only Colors' BlogPoll ballot this week.

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Another week, another struggle to find 25 teams to fill this thing. Thought below the poll.

  • Yes, Oregon takes the top spot. With a controlling win over Washington I think their resume is slightly better than 'Bama's...this week.
  • Notre Dame at #3? That's a resume thing in my mind, as the sum of their wins I think is more impressive than the very good victories by South Carolina and West Virginia this week.
  • I think I dropped the teams that lost the right number of spaces. LSU is at #23 because of not only their loss but a stretch in the past few weeks that saw them beat Auburn by a paltry 12-10, go down to Towson, and lose to Florida.
  • THREE undefeated Big East teams? They're grouped together for now, but I have faith that'll be sorted out come November.
  • Iowa State makes a re-entry off their win against TCU, Boise State is in because I need 25 teams on this ballot, ditto Ohio.
  • Ohio State's the only Big Ten rep this week, but Northwestern, Penn State, and Michigan are all close to entering.
  • As for Michigan State? Unless more carnage happens this week, it'll take wins against Iowa and Michigan to put them back on.