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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week 11

With Alabama's loss on Saturday, a new team rises to the top spot in TOC's BlogPoll ballot for week 11.

Mike Zarrilli

Even though MSU football was on a bye last weekend, there was still plenty of college football action, highlighted by Texas A&M's upset of Alabama. Let's see how our BlogPoll ballot this week looks after the carnage:

And my justifications:

  • It was either going to be Kansas State or Oregon at #2. While I feel that Kansas State has had a slightly better resume to this point, I've been more impressed with Oregon's scorching their opponents' collective earth (even if it takes a while, such as Saturday's game against Cal). It's essentially a coin flip between the Wildcats and Ducks; luckily there's no difference between being ranked one or two at the end of the regular season.
  • As for Notre Dame, I didn't consider them for the top spot. If you want to be #1, don't go to double overtime against Pitt.
  • There was a version of this ballot that had Texas A&M at #8. On second glance I moved them to #4, for two reasons: Their win at Alabama is so impressive that it justifies an exceptional ranking even if they have two losses, and their two losses were at Florida and at LSU; both were by five points or less.
  • Georgia's a bit lower than you'll see in most polls because their second-best win is over...wait for it...Ole Miss. Even though South Carolina has two losses, they're to LSU and Florida, and since the Gamecocks beat the Bulldogs, I have them just above Georgia this week.
  • Everything else is adjustments to wins or losses, except for the arrivals and departures, which are listed below:
  • ARRIVALS: Oklahoma State (wins over TCU and West Virginia, but maybe played more impressively in 44-30 lost at Kansas State next week), Washington (yes they have four losses, but wins over Oregon State and Stanford make them more top 25-worthy than some of the departures), Michigan (couldn't keep them out any longer: no great wins, but no horrendous losses either).
  • DEPARTURES: Mississippi State (three straight losses and their best win is against Tennessee at home), Toledo (lost to Ball State last week), Rutgers (didn't lose, but their best win is either Arkansas or at Temple, and lost to Kent State).

Thoughts? I have until tomorrow morning to make changes so if you can make a good case for why team X should be higher or lower, fire away.