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The Only Colors' BlogPoll Ballot, Week Ten

The top four holds steady in TOC's BlogPoll ballot for week ten of the college football season.

Ed Zurga

Sadly, every other team does not lose along with Michigan State such that the Spartans can stay in the top 25. Other teams are doing very well independent of MSU, and thus they are ranked here:

My rationale:

  • I so, SO badly wanted to drop Notre Dame a spot for losing to Pitt. I would've put Florida at #4 if they hadn't looked craptacular against Missouri, and it's not like Ohio State has set the world on fire this year either. The Fighting Irish, based on the strength of their schedule to date, stick at #4.
  • Minor adjustments among the rest of the top 10. I couldn't drop LSU too much after only losing by 4 to 'Bama. Florida State's best win is against Clemson, and Clemson's best win is...Virginia Tech? Georgia Tech? Not exactly the best resume for both teams, they drop a few spots.
  • Texas A&M takes a huge leap, partly due to a very good win over Mississippi State, partly due to my error in leaving them out in the poll the past couple weeks. Their only losses are by less than a touchdown to Florida and LSU, and that seems good enough for the #12 spot.
  • Stanford drops a couple spots due to other teams doing well and because their two best wins (USC and Arizona) looked less good after this weekend.
  • #26 and #27 would've been Oklahoma State and TCU in that order.
  • ARRIVALS: Texas A&M (see above), Texas (good win against Texas Tech, two losses are acceptable at this time of year), Rutgers (probably should've put Oklahoma State, but what's done is done).
  • DEPARTURES: Arizona (No team with four losses is going to be ranked at this point no matter how good the wins are), Boise State (two losses, best win is against BYU, loss to MSU has lost its luster), West Virginia (three straight losses, no defense).