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MSU Photo of the Week: Basketball team portrait (1903)

A portrait of the 1903 basketball team. The back reads, "Champion Basket Ball Team, Winter of 1903. L.R. Shaefer '05 Ag.; C.R. R. and E. Tuttle '05 Ag; R and E. Balback "04 M; R. and E. Halfenkamp '05 M; R. and E. Towar '03(?) Ag; U.R. R. and E. Baried '05 M; R. and E. Millar '04 M; R. and E. Morgan '05 M." (Ag= agricultural major, M= Mechanical Engineering major) The back also reads, "From Days of Yore. These players - the mainstays for the teams for 1901-1902-1903. Coaches were George E. Denham & Chester L. Brewer."

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