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Kirk Cousins is a winner (again)

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In his first NFL start, Kirk Cousins went 26-for-37 for 329 yards with two touchdowns, one interception as the Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns (coached by former MSU center Pat Shurmur) 38-21 in Cleveland today.

Some MSU players apparently made the trip down to Cleveland, including Andrew Maxwell and Fou Fonoti.

After starting 1-for-6 with an INT that led to a Browns touchdown, Cousins went 25-for-31 with two touchdowns the rest of the way. It was a terrific gameplan by Washington. It seemed like every pass was a play-action rollout, giving Cousins time to look downfield. He made a ton of great throws and even ran three times for 22 yards.

Congrats to Kirk.