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Jabari Parker Announcement Thread

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"C'mon, Jabari. Pick me!"
"C'mon, Jabari. Pick me!"

Figured I'd throw up a thread for everyone to get out their stress about Jabari Parker.

His announcement will come at 4 p.m. on ESPNU/ MSU and Duke are considered to be the frontrunners, with BYU, Stanford and Florida on the outside. Tom Izzo got the last visit with him, and certainly made a final impression on his coach.

In case you need a refresher, here are his Rivals, Scout, 247 and ESPN pages.

I will say, don't put any stock in the predictions of national pundits, or anyone, really. Quite a few national guys have changed their prediction from MSU to Duke (admitting for no reason). Given Duke's track record with these guys, it's perfectly fine with them going with Duke when no one knows anything about this decision. Our Josh Moon (intrpdtrvlr) has followed this for a long time and says Parker will pick MSU.

So, if you're at work and stressing out about a teenage kid's college decision, feel free to express it below. If Parker doesn't pick MSU, don't be part of the group who will surely tweet terrible things at him (as fans of any school likely would).