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Recap: That's a mighty fine logo you have


MSU played Arkansas Pine-Bluff. It got ugly.

But what's not ugly? The logo, which MSUDersh pointed out has "UAPB" is spelled out in the mane, which makes it even cooler.

The Golden Lions didn't score until 10 minutes into the first half. They had 12 at halftime. They did play MSU tough in the second half (38-32 MSU), and that gave Izzo plenty of stuff to be upset about after the 76-44 win.

That last statement is sure to please many fans. Games like this are meant to help players work out kinks and coaches to figure out their rotation. So, in that sense, the fact Izzo wants to cut down on the rotation is a good thing, right? Right???

Overall, 19 turnovers as a team. That's not good. Branden Dawson continues to have major problems with this, recording four turnovers on his own. The rest were spread around, as five players had two each. BTN showed Izzo's halftime speech, and his biggest frustration was with guys catching the ball and not being ready to shoot. That's a lack of focus, and that's what a lot of these turnovers are.

Is that a good or bad thing? It's usually not because of a poor set or something, it's just some stupid plays. Does that mean it can be fixed easily? Well, it hasn't yet, so Izzo is going to make a point.

The problem with saying you're going to cut the rotation is that the next few games also should be blowouts, so you want to get the regulars out so they don't get hurt (as Adreian Payne seemed to at one point, though he quickly returned to the game).

Other than that, the offense was pretty good, the defense was really good and the rebounding was fantastic (though not as much in the second half).

Player bullets (just some notable performances):

--Travis Trice had 12 points, five assists, one steal and one rebound. All seven of his field goal attempts were threes (making four). Having a viable three-point threat is important for this team, but most importantly, it was good to see him getting big minutes (21) and looking comfortable as he comes back from the concussion.

--Dawson finished with 10 points, seven rebounds and the above-mentioned turnovers. While Dawson's defense at the 4 has been great, his offense at the position is leaving much to be desired, as Tim noted.

--Payne had six points and a team-high eight rebounds. Izzo said after the game he has had a lot of energy coming off the bench, which is good to see.

--Byrd had six points on 2-for-7 shooting, including 1-for-6 from three-point range. We'll see if Izzo sticks to his word to cut guys' minutes.

Next up is Loyola Chicago at home on Saturday.