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Linking Laconically Has Last Minute Valentine's Date Ideas for You, MSU Students

Some of these breaks between MSU basketball games have been wayyyy too long, but that won't be a problem come Thursday -- starting with the Wisconsin games, the Spartans play five games in 13 days. At least rust won't be a factor.

Speaking of rust, it's been far too long since we've posted some links to the site. Here are a few, and after the jump, unconventional Valentine's Day dates if you're out and about on campus this evening.

MSU men's basketball: Two days off riles up Izzo | Lansing State Journal | Because of an arcane NCAA rule, the basketball team has had to take both Sunday and Monday off this week. Izzo's none too happy about it.

The greatest reconsidered practices in MSU history - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe What you might have heard about is how Draymond called for a lighter practice the day before Ohio State. What you might not have heard is the game Travis Walton wanted an extra walkthrough for.

Michigan State is pumped for stretch run | The Detroit News | Come for the breakdown of MSU's final games, stay for information on why Izzo thinks Jordan Taylor has improved his past few games.

Michigan State's Travis Trice probable against Wisconsin, but sprained ankle draws concern | Well that's not good.

Counting down the days until the NCAA tournament begins - men's college basketball - ESPN Michigan State gets two mentions in this piece -- one for Draymond being a player "you'd pay to see", and MSU as a Final Four team.

After the jump, Valentine's Day date ideas for the MSU student, or anyone else that'll be around campus tonight.

You made it! Let's set the mood:

Oh yeah. It's V-Day, and you're especially looking to show your special love to your special someone in the most special of ways. How ya gonna do it? A moonlit walk past Beaumont Tower? Everyone's going to be doing that tonight, hope you like company. Dinner at Beggar's? It's good, but might be a bit out of your price range if you're an undergrad.

That's why I've crafted the perfect date for you tonight on campus. Three easy steps, yo:

  • KICK IT OFF WITH DINNER IN YAKELEY CAFETERIA. Brody cafeteria? A lot of options, but vast as the Texas highway is long. Holmes Hall? A nice view of the forest, but NNNEERRRDDDS*. Wonders, Holden, and Wilson? DRUNKEN MESSES ALL. Sny-Phi is modern, but it's too new to have the proper ambience for February 14th. Yakeley's cozy, intimate, and located among some of the best architecture on campus. Kick the night off the right way.
  • FOLLOW IT UP BY HUNTING FOR MARY MAYO'S GHOST IN MAYO HALL. There's nothing like a little excitement to make a night memorable, and you might be able to find it by looking for the ghost of Mary Mayo in Mayo Hall. The long version of the story is here, but to put it succinctly -- member of MAC campaigns for a women's dormitory until her death by illness in 1903, dormitory is built in her name in 1931, spookiness ensues. If nothing else
  • FINISH IT BY PRYING OFF THE PENNY THAT'S GLUED TO SPARTY'S FOOT. While walking around campus months ago, I got a close look as Sparty, and sure enough, there's a penny glued on his foot. You'll have to walk behind the statue to find it, but once you do, use all your might to attempt to pry it off. There might be a sword and the stone sort of deal going on here -- pry off the penny, you become the next Sparty.**
Those are my awesome date ideas. USE THEM AND FALL IN LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY. I'm sure y'all have some good ones too.

* As a Lyman Briggs graudate, I'm allowed to say this.

**As long as you're at least 5'10" and no taller than 6'2".