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Linking Laconically Is Still Wondering How State Won Last Night

Before we get to the links, here's the four factors chart from yesterday's win:

If you assumed that turnovers were the main reason for MSU's win you'd be correct, as their turnover percentage 0f 8.3% was their lowest of the season, while Minnesota's 25.0% was the second highest among MSU's Big Ten opponents this season. Also helping -- the Spartans going 15-16 from the foul line after going 2-7.

Now onto the links!

Michigan State football recruit Gerald Holmes plays for the mother he barely knew | A great story by new MLive MSU beat writer Graham Couch (yes, I know I burned you for saying Alex Carder was the best quarterback in Michigan, but we all have our faults) about how Holmes has soldiered on after his mother's suicide more than a decade ago. The tear-jerking part:

"We were having a discussion about dating," Holmes Sr. said. "I was sitting down at the dinner table asking him, how does he communicate with the opposite sex? In the age of texting, all I see is other kids texting and never really having a phone conversation. 'How do you communicate with girls? How do you get to know a girl if you're interested?' He was like, 'Really, Dad, I really don't know how.'

"He said, 'I think because I never really had a mother, it's kind of hard for me to really relate to them, as far as a conversational level.' That kind of struck me. 'OK, he's starting to deal with his mother, with the absence of his mother now.'"

Michigan St., Duke inch up latest installment of Power Rankings - Luke Winn - The Spartans are at #3 in Luke Winn's Power Rankings, which features Draymond Green in the rebounder-gunner matrix. If you haven't checked it out already, give it a look.

Titus' Top 12 power rankings for Week 11 - Grantland Former Ohio State basketball walk-on/future author Mark Titus has MSU at #4 in his power rankings, which also features the top 4 MSU walk-on moments, with one notable exception.

Magic says Nix, Payne can take MSU to Final Four | Detroit Free Press | Magic also thinks Draymond Green can make it on an NBA roster:

Johnson discussed Green's future in the NBA. He argued strongly that Green will find his way to the league, likely as a late first-rounder.

"He is definitely going to make it in the NBA," Johnson said. "... And he's smart. And when you can pass, rebound and shoot, and you have nose for that basketball like he does -- and he's a leader -- you are going to make it."

Keith Appling nails clutch free throws for Michigan State after bad timing on own fouls | Appling had two bad fouls last night; however, I don't think the technical foul for hanging on the rim was one of them. His momentum was such that if he didn't hang on the rim he would've fallen on his back and possibly injured himself. I think discretion has to be used with these calls instead of following the letter of the law.

Reusse: Izzo's preparation, drive give Spartans that refuse-to-lose spirit | Alan Anderson and Isaiah Dahlman check in with some of their memories of Izzo. I had completely forgotten that the players were barred from the locker room after the loss to (sigh) Grand Valley State.

NCAA College Basketball Player of the Year - Draymond is up to #3 in CBS Sports's Player of the Year rankings.

Introduction to the College Basketball Champions League | College Hoops Journal Lastly, a proposed Champions League for college basketball much like the one in Europe, with play-in stages, group stages, and more! If you love soccer and college basketball, this is a must read.

BONUS LINK! Catching up with Brogan Roback -- Eleven Warriors The four-star QB has Michigan State in his top five.

BONUS BONUS LINK! Recruiting and Player Development, 2012 Edition -- I can't believe I forgot this link the first time through. Dan Hanner rates 49 coaches in their recruiting and development abilities; for the record Izzo checks in at 14th.