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Postgame Thread: MSU 64, Michigan 54

Full recap will be coming later. For now:

  • It's the end of Michigan's short-lived winning streak over us. Michigan never got closer than eight in the second half; I wouldn't necessarily call it a comfortable win, but at no time in the second half was there cause for real panic.
  • Knee injury? What knee injury? Draymond Green had had a lot of quiet games against Michigan before today; not anymore. He led all scorers (tied with Zack Novak) with 14 and outrebounded Michigan. That's not a typo. Green had 16 rebounds; the entire Michigan team had 15.
  • Rebounding as a whole: going from the ESPN box score, we got 50% of possible offensive rebounds; Michigan got 10%.
  • Held Michigan under 0.9 points per possession. Keith Appling in particular was making great defensive plays all afternoon, but the team as a whole deserves a lot of credit for contesting almost every shot. A few layups off of miscommunication, but on the whole Michigan spent the day mostly chucking up prayers and not having them answered.
  • Still within a game of Ohio State for the conference lead, and we'll have two opportunities to take them down. An outright conference title remains within our own control; split the OSU games and we need a little help to share the title (the most likely help being their return trip to Michigan).

Celebrate here.