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Linking Laconically Is Wondering How Worried Michigan State Should Be about Memphis

We're going to keep posting these until it gets old.  That still hasn't happened yet.
We're going to keep posting these until it gets old. That still hasn't happened yet.

UGH WHY CAN'T IT BE FRIDAY. It's not enough that we have to wait for Thursday for the NCAA Tournament to start proper, but MSU's one of the last teams to play, not taking the court until 9:20 PM Eastern Friday against Long Island University. Until then though, we'll have to entertain ourselves. I've found some links to do just that.

Beating the Top Teams - RealGM Articles Michigan State is not only the best squad against NCAA tournament teams, but also the hottest team in the past ten games. Unfortunately, two of MSU's region-mates are #2 in each category, as Missouri is the second-best team against schools in the NCAA tournament and Memphis is the second hottest team among tournament teams. It could get a bit dodgy for the Spartans.

And one pet peeve I've had so far with coverage -- analysts choosing Memphis over Michigan State because Memphis is "more athletic" and "has more NBA players" (for an example of what I'm talking about, watch this video.) I think the difference in athleticism between guards is negligible, and even though Memphis will be a quicker and stronger at the wing, the Spartans will have the bigger front court, and not to mention scads more experience against tough teams. SPOILER ALERT: I'm taking MSU in this one if this match occurs.

The Fifth Annual TOC Pick 16 NCAA Tournament Contest - The Only Colors Just a reminder -- entries are this are due before the first play-in game today. There will be prizes for first, second, and third place, I just have to make a trip to Curious Book Shop and browse eBay to pick them out.

West Region breakdown - 2012 NCAA tournament - ESPN Eamonn Brennan lists his ten favorite story lines about MSU's region, and even picks the Spartans to go to the Final Four! What a swell guy.

Tough, talented Michigan State has many weapons - George Dohrmann - George Dohrmann also picks MSU to go to the Final Four! EVERYONE'S AWESOME Y'ALL.

Eye On College Basketball - The 68 things we can't wait to see in this year's tournament Fluff, but I always like these sort of articles that give a broad overview of the tournament. We can't all have time to follow around Belmont, Davidson, and Long Beach State (although LBSU did have a strong nonconference strength of schedule -- they're one of my favorite upset picks).

Michigan State gets jump start on film prep for LIU Brooklyn, taking no chances with making NCAA tournament history | Before the nets were cut down the team managers were on their way back to East Lansing, along with former managers who volunteered their services to log tape.

A snip and a trip for Dawson - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe In the heartwarming department, the team brought back the last piece of net from the Big Ten Tournament for Branden Dawson to clip. He had to stay in East Lansing this weekend for further treatment on his knee, but he'll be in Columbus this weekend.

Michigan State's Draymond Green Is Exhibit A For Why Most Players Should Stay In College - Forbes I disagree with the premise of this article. Most players do stay in college four years; if the article had framed the discussion as a compare and contrast piece to one-and-dones such as Anthony Davis (and Davis absolutely should go pro after the season) I would've liked it a one more. Also, there's this:

In his junior year, the media made him the team’s poster child.

No no no no no no no. It was definitely still the Kalin and Durrell show at that point, and although conflict most likely existed between the leadership styles of Green and Lucas, it's not like Green was the face of the program at that point.

NCAA 2012 Tournament | Las Vegas likes Kentucky basketball, Ohio State to win | The Courier-Journal | Lastly, would you put $20 on 9-1 dds for MSU to win the national title? I know I would.