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Bracket Tips to Enter The Only Colors' Bracket Challenge

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There's less than 24 hours left before the NCAA Tournament tips off shortly after noon tomorrow. As of this post's publishing we have 92 members in the group (a reminder -- one bracket per person, otherwise your worst one will be counted for prizes), let's see if we can get at least 100 in, because 100 is a nice, round number and 92 is not. To enter:

1. Follow this link.

2. Make your picks.

3. Join the SB Nation Bracket group.

4. Then join The Only Colors Group. If the link doesn't work the Group ID# is 84189; the password is "crayfordayday".

5. You should be able to copy your picks from the SB Nation group by going to "Auto-Fill" my bracket.

Easy peasy. And since I'm not eligible for prizes, I've decided to share some of my tips for winning your pool. Use and win y'all:

- Remember, the higher seed a team has, the more likely it is to win. So why does almost everybody have a one or two seed winning it all? Because this is March Madness, and upsets happen. Play it safe and ride Western Kentucky to the Final Four and glory.

- Some coaches just know how to get it done in the tournament. That's why I have Bo Ryan leading the Wisconsin Badgers to the Final Four. Bo knows the tournament, you guys.

- Beware of upsets, and more specifically, picking upsets. Michigan State over Duke in 2005 is the only upset that has ever happened in NCAA tournament history. You know the saying: "stick with chalk, don't get mocked."

- Experience is good in most things in life, but the NCAA tournament's not one of them. Find the youngest, greenest possible team possible and send them to the Final Four.

- Lastly, take all these tips and your bracket seriously. A proper bracket is a sign of good breeding, while one that has classy teams like Harvard and Davidson going out in the first round is a sign of a dullard.

Good luck y'all, and may your Final Four make it past the first day.

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