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TOC's Premiere on YouTube: Michigan State's Athleticism Against LIU and Memphis

A month or so ago SB Nation sent out an e-mail to all their bloggers asking if they wanted to be a part of their YouTube channel. In case you haven't heard, SB Nation and YouTube have partnered together to create original programming, such as Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk's Shutdown Fullback (NSFW), Bomani Jones's Bomani & Jones, and Amy K. Nelson's Full Nelson among others. I received a camera rig as a part of this initiative, and after several failed attempts, hundreds of stutters, and not to mention awkward glares at the camera, I finally managed to create a video.

My first entry is below. In it I get ever so slightly ticked off about people suggesting the Spartans are lummoxes compared to Memphis and LIU, and you can literally FEEL THE EMOTION LEAK DOWN MY FACE. It's a beautiful thing.

There'll be many more to come, and I'm looking for other locales to do these in than my apartment. So here's the deal: If you e-mail me at and want me to film a team report at your place, club meeting, team meeting, etc., and it's not during my work hours or too explicit/dangerous, I will come and include you in the team report. You're a part of what makes this blog a force of awesome in the universe, and it's only fair that you should be a part of it.

Now without further ado, our YouTube debut. Post your opinions in the comments, and feel free to get critical: I am of the internet, I can take it, and it's one of the ways I'm going to get better at this.