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Louisville 57, Michigan State 44 -- Aftergame Thread of Misery

This game will hurt you. Kyle Whelliston of the Mid-Majority was a proponent of that thought, and never has that seemed so true tonight. MSU looked discombobulated by Louisville's match-up zone, Keith Appling had several hiccups against the press, Draymond Green between rebounds and points had several questionable decisions, and MSU's season is over, going out to the Cardinals 57-44.

I think disappointment is something we're all feeling right now. Many of us started out this season expecting this team to contend in the Big Ten, then thinking they could be more, than celebrating when they took sole possession of first place. There was discontent when they tied for the Big Ten regular season title, euphoria when they won the Big Ten tournament title, then...this.

All credit to Louisville, they clearly were the more energetic team on offense and defense in this game and deserved the win. As for Michigan State, I'll remember a group of seniors who gave their all, while looking forward to the future, and how next year's team will gel.

Leave your thoughts in this thread. You've handled yourself commendably so far, let's keep that going.