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Spring game squads decided

(Note: order of players listed goes senior first, then players in the order they were drafted at each position, except in cases where an underclassman is the likely starter.

Green Team


QB- Connor Cook

RB- Le'Veon Bell

FB- Trevor Pendleton

WR- Jeremy Langford, Keith Mumphery, John Jakubik, Juwan Caesar, Jordan Benton

TE- Dion Sims, Denzel Drone

OT- Skyler Burkland, Michael Dennis

OG- Chris McDonald, Blake Treadwell, Donavon Clark, Kyle Lints

C- Travis Jackson, Ethan Ruhland


DT- A.R. White, James Kittridge, Matt Ramondo, Matt Scarpinato

DE- Will Gholston, Jeremy Gainer, Shilique Calhoun

LB- TyQuan Hammock, Kyler Elsworth, Taiwan Jones, Danny Folino

CB- Mitchell White, Trae Waynes, Arjen Colquhoun

S- Kurtis Drummond, Jairus Jones

Special Teams

K- Dan Conroy

P- Mike Sadler

LS- Matt Giampapa

The White team's roster, and some thoughts on the two teams after the jump...

White Team


QB- Connor Cook

RB- Larry Caper, Nick Hill

FB- Niko Palazetti

WR- Andre Sims Jr., Deanthony Arnett, Dana Dixon, AJ Troup, Kyle Kerrick, Spencer Eliott

TE- Andrew Gleichert, Derek Hoebing

OT- Fou Fonoti, Dan France, Henry Conway

OG- Connor Kruse, Arthur Ray Jr.

C- Jack Allen, Nate Klatt


DT- Tyler Hoover, Brandon Clemons, Micajah Reynolds

DE- Marcus Rush, Joel Heath

LB- Max Bullough, Denicos Allen, Steve Gardiner, Darien Harris, Ed Davis, Ty Hamilton

CB- Johnny Adams, Mylan Hicks

S- Isaiah Lewis, RJ Williamson, Kyle Artinian

Special Teams

K- Kevin Muma

P- ???

LS- Steve Moore

Players ruled out with injuries (via Rexrode's twitter): Fowler, Lippett, Dennard, Calero, Lang, Maxwell, Damon Knox, Lawrence Thomas.

Roster was compiled off of the draft order list from here.

Brief thoughts/other news bits

-Green team is stronger in my opinion. That D line is potentially nasty, while depth at the back seven positions make those spots solid as well. It seems like they got the better of the skill positions overall, the best special teams, and are only outmatched by White at a couple of positions.

-With that said, there's a pretty nice job of balance between the two teams. The reason you draft like this seems to be to avoid the the dullness and talent mismatch of just putting 1's versus 2's, or the confusion of using offense/defense scoring systems like in the earlier scrimmages. Looks like they accomplished that.

- No trades as of now, though not for lack various offers (Arnett for Gholston, Hill for Bell, Calhoun for Conway via Jim Comparoni and Rexrode on twitter)

-Dantonio said Bell won't get too many carries, so the lack of a backup at RB is misleading. Langford will see time at Green's RB spot.

-Dang, look at White's LBs: two out of three starters (the 3rd starter is injured) and a couple of the top backups.

-Green (picked by Conroy) stocks up on top special teams, White (picked by Norman) stocks up on top linebackers. This sort of positional nepotism is a blight upon our innocent sport of college football and must not be allowed to stand.

-I thought the draft itself was relatively surprise free, with the most notable exception being WR where Andre Sims went 1st, Jeremy Langford (!) went 2nd, then Arnett, then Mumphery. Not the order I would have guessed but possibly revealing (it's mentioned that Mumphery is battling a nagging injury).

-Or possibly not. Yes, Bell was selected before Caper and Baker a few years ago, and that proved prophetic, but Drone was selected before Rush and Gholston at DE last year, and though Drone had a good year, he didn't end up starting or anything. Spring Games are the Peter King of college football events, good luck finding certain statements.

-All things considered, 8 injured players, none too seriously, isn't too bad of a final tally. It's a bummer not being able to watch those guys though.

- I am far too excited for this relatively meaningless practice to get here.

Thoughts on the rosters or the draft selections? Rooting for one team over the other (Go Gang Green, I've put my meager blogger credibility on you!)? Let us know in the comments.