MSU Spring Game Fantasy Contest!

(Bump. Let's see who can win this.)

Let's be honest. Watching sporting events is always more interesting when it involves teams or players that you have picked in some sort of contest, whether it be gambling (legal, of course) or fantasy sports or office pools. And I'm not saying that the annual intrasquad Green & White Spring Game is NOT interesting, but one way to definitely make it MORE interesting? Create a TOC contest out of it! So, I propose the following:

  • You get a budget of $100 in non-legal-tender "TOC Bucks" to spend on your team.
  • You can select any 8 players, but must have 4 offense and 4 defense. The values have been assigned below based on a highly scientific, but highly classified, rating system.
  • "Green" and "White" designations don't matter (if you want all players from the Green Team, no problem), except for QB, as explained below.
  • You don't need to have any particular positions represented, but you have a max of 1 QB. So if you want All-Time QB Connor Cook, you have to specify WHICH Connor Cook you are selecting (Green Cook or White Cook). To make an informed decision, the rosters are here.
  • You don't need a kicker, but if you take one, that counts as an offensive player.
  • There are no return points because my recollection is that kick and punt returns are not live plays.
  • Final scoring will be based on the official box score released by MSU. For example, here is last year's.
  • The contest locks at 1 pm EST on Saturday.
  • Prizes TBD, but could include such things as 1 year of free membership to TOC, a night on the town with Pete Rossman, eternal glory, or something else awarded by TOC management.


  • Offensive Players:

10 rushing/receiving yards: 1 point

25 passing yards: 1 point

TD (throwing, rushing, receiving): 6 points

2-point conversion (throwing, rushing, receiving): 2 points

Reception: 1 point

Lost fumble/interception: -2 points

PAT/FG under 30 yards: 1 point (-2 for miss)

FG 30-39 yards: 3 points (-1 for miss)

FG 40+ yards: 4 points

  • Defensive Players:

Tackle: 1 point* (1/2 point for assisted tackle)

Tackle For Loss: 2 points* (1 point for assisted TFL)

Sack: 3 points* (1 1/2 points for assisted sack)

Interception: 4 points

Forced Fumble/Fumble Recovery: 2 points

Pass Break-Up: 1 point

Defensive TD: 8 points

Safety: 5 points

*Points for Sacks and TFLs are not double-counted - ie, 1 Sack does not also get points for being a Tackle and a TFL. For example, last year, Tyler Hoover had 2 tackles, one of which was a sack. He would get 4 points (3 for the sack and 1 for the other tackle). Trenton Robinson had 1 solo tackle and 2 assisted tackles, including 1 TFL. He would get 3 points (2 for the TFL and 1 for the 2 assisted tackles).

Player Values



Le'Veon Bell RB $40 Will Gholston DE $37
Larry Caper RB $30 Denicos Allen LB $32
Nick Hill RB $28 Max Bullough LB $28
Connor Cook QB $22 Isaiah Lewis S $23
Dion Sims TE $20 Johnny Adams CB $21
Andre Sims Jr WR $15 Marcus Rush DE $19
Jeremy Langford WR $13 Taiwan Jones LB $14
Keith Mumphery WR $11 Anthony R. White DT $13
Andrew Gleichert TE $10 TyQuann Hammock LB $12
DeAnthony Arnett WR $9 Kurtis Drummond S $12
John Jakubik WR $8 Jairus Jones S $11
Dan Conroy K $8 Darien Harris LB $11
Juwan Caesar WR $7 Kyler Elsworth LB $10
Derek Hoebing TE $6 Mitchell White CB $10
Kevin Muma K $5 Shilique Calhoun DE $9
Denzel Drone TE $4 Tyler Hoover DT $9
Kyle Kerrick WR $3 James Kittredge DT $8
Dana Dixon WR $3 RJ Williamson S $7
AJ Troup WR $2 Mylan Hicks CB $7
Peter Badovinac QB $2 Trae Waynes CB $6
Tommy Vento QB $2 Jeremy Gainer DE $5
Jordan Benton WR $1 Steve Gardiner LB $5
Spencer Elliott WR $1 Ed Davis LB $4
Tony Fant RB $1 Joel Heath DE $3
Niko Palazeti FB $1 Micajah Reynolds DT $3
Trevon Pendleton FB $1 Brandon Clemons DT $2
Jeff Bobek FB $1 Arjen Colquhoun CB $2

Danny Folino LB $1

Mark Scarpinato DT $1

Kyle Artinian S $1

Ty Hamilton LB $1

Matt Ramondo DT $1

So pick your team and post it in the Comments. At some point following the game (not making any promises how soon that will be), I'll tally up the points and post the winner. Hopefully I haven't overlooked anything obvious, but if so, feel free to post questions in the comments.

Disclaimer for any NCAA Officials, MSU Compliance Office staff, or other people without a sense of humor or understanding of how make-believe works: this contest is 100% for funsies, and in no way involves the payment of money to NCAA "student-athletes" or the wagering of money on collegiate athletics.

Disclaimer for anyone participating: you will most likely spend way too much time thinking about this.

This is a FanPost, written by a member of the TOC community. It does not represent the official positions of The Only Colors, Inc.--largely because we have no official positions.