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Linking Laconically Is Happy For Former Captains

Draymond Green makes the first round of an early Mock Draft
Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated projects him to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Uh, intelligent front office with young, talented, team? Yes please). Draymond has been receiving more and more first round buzz lately, it'd be nice for him to be rewarded for his incredible career here with a guaranteed NBA contract.

Kirk Cousins signed his rookie deal with the Washington Redskins

4 years, $2.57 million according to NFL sources, around the normal deal for his draft slot. I still think the situation he got drafted into is pretty horrible (for example, Griffin has already been named the undisputed starter), but it will probably be less horrible for him once the checks start coming in.

Off-Season Hockey News

Via Tom Lang and the LSJ,the MSU hockey coaching staff has talked about copying the Izzo recruiting model:

Anastos and Miller talked about recruiting for multiple years down the road and said the model used by MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo of recruiting mostly within Michigan or within a five-hour drive of East Lansing is a good guideline in hockey as well.

Given the large amount of hockey talent to be found in the Midwest and Canada, it's easy to see why this could make sense, provided you are able to get the right recruits committed to your program. It will be interesting to see how big of a sphere of influence MSU can carve out in this area once the Big Ten consolidates its hockey programs into a single conference and once Anastos and his staff have a couple years under their belts.

And Anastos confirmed no new hockey rink, but hopefully a 'looks like its new' Munn:

"I would assume, barring a major donation any time in the immediate, that we’d be looking at a revamped Munn, which I think would look like a new arena."

MSU baseball sees its region rounded up

I know very little about this MSU baseball team. I know literally nothing about any of our three regional opponents. But the linked site presents good statistical and resume profiles for each the four teams in our regional. It's is worth taking a look at if you're interested.

The best analysis I can give here, is that it must be tough to travel from Michigan to California to play three teams who are from California. Make us proud, boys.

MSU football's 2012 win total set at 8.5

Jamie over at Just Cover Blog gives his thoughts on the Spartan's odds for this upcoming season. He sees MSU as a probable 9-3 team at the end of the regular season, with @UM, @WIS, and a random opponent from our first seven games knocking us off for the three losses.

I can generally agree with this prediction, but I think he overhypes Minnesota. The Minnesota ambush he speaks of was in 2009 against a thoroughly mediocre MSU who'd just been last second dick-punched by Iowa the week before, not in 2010 (which was a comfortable win). And last year, they happened to come into Spartan Stadium after MSU had gone through a @OSU, UM, WIS, @NEB stretch. This year they are preceded by a home game against NU, and a bye week. Out of our last three games this year, I'm much more worried about Nebraska after back to back road games at UM and WIS. But yeah, at this moment, 9 wins sounds about right looking over the schedule.

Who do you hope drafts Draymond Green? Excited to watch MSU baseball this weekend? Is MSU football over or under 8.5 wins this year? Let us know in the comments.