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What's Your Favorite MSU Sports Highlight?

Since the creation of YouTube, this might be the video I've viewed more than any other.

Although it came in a loss, everything about this highlight was awesome. There are few things better than FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN, but this wasn't just another one of those. It came in a rivalry game with so much build-up, and it tied the game in the fourth quarter. It was such a flip in emotions.

It starts with U-M facing a third down in MSU territory leading by seven; not good for the Spartans. Even if U-M fails to convert, they're still in good position to kick a field goal and take a two-possession lead. Chad Henne drops back, but Clifton Ryan gets good pressure and takes him down mid-throw. The ball comes out. It seems like an eternity before someone gets close to the ball, and you wonder if it was called an incompletion.

Peko comes from the other side of the field, scoops up the ball and starts rolling down the sidelines. The speed! No Wolverine got within five yards of him until Mike Hart nearly gets trampled as Peko leaps into the end zone. (One of the few moments MSU fans could laugh at Hart)

And the call. Oh, the call from Brent Musberger. Gold.

"The big fella from Samoa, rumbling for a tying touchdown! Take it home. Big fella does it! Yeah, the big fella!"

Somehow, the ruling is confirmed as a fumble and touchdown after the replay, making this one of the rare positive highlights from the John L. Smith era.

A few weeks ago, it was brought up in the comments about compiling the best MSU sports highlights on YouTube. What is your favorite MSU sports highlight, YouTube or otherwise? Did you see it live or on TV? Let us know in the comments, and share the link if it's online.

A close second for me would be Amp Campbell's fumble return for a touchdown against Oregon in 1999.