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Draymond Green to the Golden State Warriors with the 35th Pick in the NBA Draft


The year was 2009 when a Spartan was last taken in the NBA Draft (Goran Suton to Utah in the 2nd round). It was 2006 when a Spartan was taken in the 1st round (Shannon Brown and Maurice Ager). The latter streak will have to wait another year, but the former streak was broken tonight as Draymond Green now plays for the Golden State Warriors, selected with the 35th pick in the NBA draft.

When Draymond first came to MSU in the 2008 recruiting class, he was intriguing, but lacked the expolsiveness of Korie Lucious, and was the second forward to Delvon Roe. Much like the Spartans' last draftee, Goran Suton, Green's game got better each year (especially his outside shooting), and in four years he went from three-star prospect to first-team All-American. He was always a sure rebounder, an instinctive passer, and a natural leader, but he worked hard to shed the poundage, refine a three-point shot, and earn, not gain, all the accolades bestowed on him.

Congrats to you Draymond. May you make Oakland as happy as you've made us.

(Here is the MSU release with a bunch of MSU draft stats)