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Linking Laconically is Taking a Day Job

Making like Costanza and walking away on a high note.
Making like Costanza and walking away on a high note.

MSU's Brandon Wood still aims for shot at NBA | Lansing State Journal |
Austin Thornton, meanwhile, will move on to a career in something besides sports. Kudos on a basketball career maximized.

PistonPowered: It's uncertain what Pistons' Joe Dumars will do next | Detroit Pistons | Detroit Free Press |
OT but occasional TOC contributor Patrick Hayes is a now an occasional Detroit Free Press contributor. I am forced to admit that the latter resume entry is more impressive sounding.

Golden State selects Draymond Green in 2012 NBA Draft | BallinMichigan
"Green undoubtedly would've been better suited on a contending team, but his rebounding and passing will be great additions in Golden State. The Warriors don't rebound particularly well and their point guard, Steph Curry, is more of a shoot-first player."

2012 NBA Draft Results: Golden State Warriors Add Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green & Ognjen Kuzmic - Golden State Of Mind
"The Warriors had more quality options than I thought they would at #35 and, if those similarities mean anything, they might have gotten a steal in Draymond Green. I didn't even do an upside/floor thing with these comparisons: if you buy the methodology behind those comparisons, the Warriors might have gotten value there either way.

At 6'7", there are questions about how much of Green's college game will carryover to the NBA, but what I love about this guy is that he's versatile, plays extremely hard, and he's the type of guy that does all the little things on the court to help the team win."

Michigan State's Draymond Green: I could easily 'jell' with Warriors | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
"I want to make the best of my situation. (They) seemed like hard workers out there. ... I could tell by the workout. I was happy to get a shot."

Michigan State's Derrick Nix finds silver lining in offseason arrest, speaking out to earn back respect |
Methinks "silver lining" is overselling it, but it does sound like Nix is sincerely compensating for his sins.

Why Grand Rapids Christian star Drake Harris believes he can play both football, basketball at Michigan State |
Apparently, Izzo plans to play him at the point, which will make the transition between sports that much tougher. I'm skeptical, but if two coaches can figure out how to make it work, it's the two we've got.

Michigan State's Mark Hollis: College football playoff might be an improvement, but 'controversy may continue' |
Call me old-fashioned or inferiority complexed or whatever, but I agree that, for now, the Rose Bowl is of utmost importance to MSU. That drought needs to end (hopefully, we don't earn the bid in a year the Rose Bowl does host a semifinal) and then we'll move on to the next goal.

Federally-Mandated Playoff Opinion Post | mgoblog
"I'm a numbers guy. I like numbers. 7.56 was one of my groomsmen." This numbers guy agrees: the computer rankings need to go.

Pressure situations will be true test of Michigan State QB Andrew Maxwell | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
File under "Well, yeah, sure."

College football hot seat ratings: Central Michigan's Dan Enos near top; Brady Hoke, Mark Dantonio untouchable | Other Colleges | Detroit Free Press |
I hope Enos hangs on in Mount Pleasant, but let's not do anything to help his cause on September 8, OK now? (Speaking of which: There are now technically less than two months left until the opening of the 2012 Michigan State football season!)