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Linking Laconically is dreaming big

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Rexrode: Tom Izzo as Olympic coach? Maybe... | Lansing State Journal |
Would be a great way to scratch the NBA itch, but is Izzo willing to delegate as much as Coach K does? Seems like it'd be moving in the opposite direction from the changes made after the Cleveland dalliance to free up more time with his family.

IzzoRio | Hey Joe!
Assistant gig more plausible.

Izzo says he learns much from football | Windsor Star
"When you look at football, they have an assistant coach for every position on the field," he said. "They carry so many assistant coaches, it's almost down to individual preparation. When you think about that, there's so many minds available capable of contributing to the betterment of the team. I watch the way they work with the players and I learn a lot from it. I have great respect for these guys."

Projections for returning players | the blog
Appling projected at 108/24. Which would be acceptable. Not far off from Lucas' peak numbers.

Statistical Evidence Reveals How Success Breeds Success In Sport - Technology Review
Have never bought that "there's no such thing as getting hot" study. When you do get hot, you also tend to take tougher shots. (HT: Eric Lindbloom)

Named among Big Ten's dirtiest players in ESPN poll, Spartans' Will Gholston blames only himself for punch that likely caused perception |
This is good.

Michigan State football notes: Aaron Burbridge absent from practice, no word on injury | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
This is not good.

Michigan State's Connor Cook not ready to concede starting quarterback job |
This is OK.

Beefed-up Spartan: Tyler Hoover used 'gross' diet to gain 40 pounds for move to defensive tackle |
6'7" and 320 pounds will make you a factor of one sort or another.

Team countdown: No. 7 Michigan State - Yahoo! Sports
On the optimistic side.

Good to see him back around the team. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Big Ten rankings: No. 17, Le'Veon Bell - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Better than Braxton Miller!

B1G Power Poll, Pre-Season Edition: Know Your Union Civil War Generals - Off Tackle Empire
This is a MAN'S celebrity power poll.