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Introduce Yourself 2012

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Our friends over at Bless You Boys have been doing a introduction at the start of each Tigers season for years. The purpose is to reintroduce readers and contributors who will be interacting throughout the season to each other.

Now, I know many of you didn't leave in the offseason, but traffic obviously picks up in-season and with football kicking off Friday, this seems like a great opportunity to bring this community together.

I'll start off:

I'm Chris, your host and manager. I graduated MSU in 2011 with a journalism degree. Now you're probably thinking, "A journalism degree? You idiot." Well, I've been a Superman nerd for a long time, and when I was a kid, I was always more interested in the newspaperman Clark Kent. I wrote a few (terrible) articles at Seaholm High School in Birmingham, but it was fun and was something I figured I'd try in college. I had no idea at the time what a terrible situation newspapers were in, and still are. I spent my last three years at The State News, covering football in 2009 and men's hoops in the Final Four year of 2009-10 and trainwreck that was 2010-11.

Since graduation, I have written for a million places, plugging along while looking for a full-time-ish job. I've covered the Tigers for and, MSU for The Oakland Press and MLive, wrote about Euro 2012 for Just Cover Blog and spend time on SB Nation's regional newsdesk. Currently, most of my focus is geared toward managing The Only Colors and being the lead writer for (which you should totally bookmark. #plug).

I've been lucky enough to stay in the writing game thanks to a supportive family and wife. Speaking of that, I got married one month ago today. She and I met at The State News, got married at the chapel on campus and had the reception at the Spartan Club (side note: It's a pretty good value. I would recommend it for anyone thinking about it).

I much prefer college sports over the pros, although English soccer is my No. 2, as I wrote yesterday. Manchester City is my team, because when I went through a process of picking a club, they were the MSU of the EPL at the time. So don't call me a bandwagon fan. I grew up playing hockey and running track, although I played a bunch of intramural sports at MSU and took a few sports classes.

I took over TOC from Pete in the summer after writing my own blog. I've followed TOC since 2009, when my State News football beat partner introduced me to it. I hope you all think I've done a good job this offseason, and things will crank up with football season getting underway.

That should do it for me. Now, introduce yourself below!