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Poll: Do you want the Michigan State/Notre Dame series to end?

Notre Dame has decided to end its series with Michigan. Should the same thing happen with MSU?

Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Earlier today, it was revealed that Notre Dame will be ending its series with Michigan following the 2014 game in South Bend.

U-M AD Dave Brandon was blindsided by the decision, which came to him before the Wolverines and Irish kicked off on Saturday. Mark Hollis told the Detroit Free Press that he has not received any word from Notre Dame about the series with the Spartans ending.

The current MSU-Notre Dame deal calls for the schools to continue playing through 2031, with breaks in 2014-15, 2020-21 and 2026-27. Asked whether Notre Dame has an out clause, Hollis replied via text that both schools have an out clause.

Should MSU be proactive and end it? Or is it more likely the MSU and Purdue series with Notre Dame will continue? I'm sure it's something Hollis is looking at.

Either way, what do you think? If the MSU/ND series ends, will you miss it? The schools have a long and storied history. Knute Rockne nearly became the MSU coach, Notre Dame helped MSU get into the Big Ten, the Game of the Century, etc.

It's also a nearby road game that fans can travel to. Fans at Notre Dame Stadium are typically very nice. The Irish seem to be legit this year, but any win over them usually is considered a good win in the public eye. Brian at MGoBlog made more good points about why U-M should continue the series, but it clearly wasn't up to the Wolverines.

Take the poll below.