Ducks Lining into a Row for BBall Recruiting

Just wanted to point out a few things; 99% of which is just my speculation/hunches (I obviously know no more than any other joker out there who is not directly involved with any of these parties--this is more about the "where there's smoke there's fire" theory):

First the question of Jabari Parker:

1) Kentucky is no longer interested in Jabari Parker ( not from the source...but indications are indications

2) Troy Williams is also no longer on Kentucky's radar.

3) Noah Vonleh just reclassified to 2013, and the odds appear to be leaning towards Andrew Wiggins doing the same.

4) Duke's 2012/2013 recruiting classes include the following (so far, for 2013):

---> 2012: Rasheed Sulaimon (#3 SG), Amile Jefferson (#4 PF)

---> 2013: Matt Jones (#8 SG; and teammate of Julius Randle), Semi Ojeleye (#9 SF)

5) Guys likely returning or will be on Duke's 2013 roster with position and year in parens:

Quinn Cook (PG/JR), Tyler Thornton (PG/SR), Rasheed Sulaimon (SG/SO), Andre Dawkins (SG/SR--redshirting this year), Matt Jones (SG/FR), Alex Murphy (SF/SO), Semi Ojeleye (SF/SO), Josh Hairston (F/SR), Amile Jefferson (F/SO), Marshall Plumlee (C/SO)

For those who are counting that is 4 guys who are forwards of some kind already on the roster, and who will have already been rotation players for 1-2 years---again obviously nothing is guaranteed, but that is a quality group.

6) Kansas have 1 SF/big wing signed for both 2012 and 2013; UNC have 3 SF/Fs signed combined for 2012 and 2013; UCONN is rebuilding and not going to the postseason; Florida also will have 3 either recruits or veterans at the SF/F position.

So basically other schools are practically removing themselves from the running for Jabari--and while he could obviously end up at any other school (just about all of which would be great options!) I think MSU is in great position, especially given that there will be minutes waiting for him (I am envisioning Keith, Gary Harris (if he stays), Branden Dawson, Jabari Parker, and Adriean Payne as the starting 5)

James Young:

Arizona: will have 3-4 SG/Wings for 2013

Kansas: will have 4 SG/Wings for 2013

Kentucky: will have 1 SG (if archie goodwin stays...which is a question--we will have to see how this plays out); and may have another top flight SG if the Harrison brothers commit---they are between Kentucky and MD (I am betting KY, despite the pull of ACC/Under Armor...)

Syracuse: 2-3 SG/Wing players already for 2013---guys considering 2013 offers include: Selden, Wainwright,

It looks like it is between Kentucky, Syracuse, and MSU for his services--if Gary Harris goes after this year (or rather if it looks like Gary Harris will 1-and-done come spring time, which is when James Young will decide if my hunch is correct), and if Archie Goodwin stays (which I think he will end up doing) and the Harrisons commit, then I think it will come down to MSU vs CUSE.

I am guessing that Gary Harris will stay for 2 years... and that James Young does not come to us, but we will see.

Bottom line I think we are in good position for both guys, and I think we are definitely the team to beat for Jabari Parker.

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