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Linking Laconically is promoting the cheering

In today's Linking Laconically, we talk about cheering on the Spartans, Derrick Nix becoming a vegetarian, Johnny Adams possibly playing wide receiver and more!

Mark A. Cunningham - Getty Images

Mark Dantonio to Michigan State fans: 'You're not making it better by booing' |

"Dantonio hopes that Spartans fans will stay positive as even after having a tough time on offense against Eastern Michigan, Michigan State has won 16 of its past 17 games at Spartan Stadium."

Derrick Nix the vegetarian hasn't lost much weight but Tom Izzo loves improved conditioning, attitude |
Even after becoming a vegetarian, Derrick Nix hasn't lost much weight. However, Coach Tom Izzo said that Nix is in much better shape now.

Michigan State CB Johnny Adams could get chance to play receiver | The Detroit News |
You read this correctly. The wide receivers are doing so poorly that Dantonio is actually considering using MSU's best defensive back at wide receiver.

The Spartan Air Attack Needs A Little Bread And Butter | Banks Of The Red Cedar
Another article concerning the Spartan's air attack.

Tom Izzo Q&A: During Kalamazoo visit, MSU basketball coach talks social media, Germany trip and Derrick Nix |
Coach Izzo talks about social media (which he hates), MSU playing in Germany, the Spartans nonconference schedule, U of M's basketball program, the MSU football program, the Lions and Derrick Nix.

Dion Sims a big presence in Michigan State's passing game | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
Although Michigan State has a weak receiving core, Dion Sims is one of the best receivers in the Big Ten right now.

Ohio State hoping a multi-player ground attack can overcome MSU's powerful Bell |
Ohio State is trying to use a ground attack to counter Le'Veon Bell. The question is: Will that work against a stingy MSU defense?

Mark Hollis: No word from Notre Dame on future of MSU series | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
On Tuesday, Notre Dame and Michigan decided to cancel future games in their annual series. Later, questions arose concerning the future of the Notre Dame-Michigan State games.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio more upbeat than he was Saturday | The Detroit News |
Although Coach D was very angry on Saturday, he's lightened up a bit and finally has talked to the media about his outburst.

Mark Dantonio: ‘I just wanted to get out of there’ " Big Ten Network
On BTN Live, the analysts asked Mark Dantonio about his "Next Question" press conference, and he apologizes and gives reasons for the outburst.

San Francisco 49ers – Niner Insider Blog – " Why the 49ers activated Garrett Celek
Article on why the 49ers activated former MSU Tight End Garrett Celek.

Is the Big Ten really any worse this season than it has been? -
While 2012 seems like a horrible year for the Big Ten so far, things really aren't all that different from 2011 through the first four weeks.

Michigan State's Tom Izzo: Despite legal troubles, Derrick Nix back in contention | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
"The Michigan State basketball off-season began with trouble for senior center Derrick Nix -- a marijuana arrest, a plea bargain to impaired driving and an emotional news conference in which Nix apologized and coach Tom Izzo announced that Nix would remain on the team."

Michigan State's Tom Izzo talks recruiting, past, present and future | Michigan State Spartans | Detroit Free Press |
"The things out of Tom Izzo's control frustrate him the most. The late nights, the Internet, the trouble one tweet can cause. Tuesday afternoon in Izzo's office finds him refreshed, energized, eager for his 18th season as Michigan State's basketball coach -- and frustrated."