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Tweetle Dumb


I can't say I was surprised at the MSU players tweeting during Michigan's loss to Alabama on Saturday.

It's a rivalry. It's personal. And this isn't the first time.

In case you haven't heard, a few MSU football players (some current and former ones) tweeted about the Wolverines' embarrassing loss and Denard Robinson's struggles. After Mark Dantonio's comments at his Tuesday presser, I figure I'll throw in my two cents.

It should be noted that only one offensive or defensive starter was involved: Denicos Allen. The rest were from Nick Hill and players low on the depth chart — something former U-M linebacker Larry Foote pointed out.

Kids are kids. They say stupid things. Especially the ones who won't play any part on Oct. 20. (Side note: I'm really close to unfollowing Delvon Roe. Aside from being very distasteful, he's a joke-stealer). You can complain that the media is making a mountain out of a mole hill, but everyone is interested it. It's their job to share that.

Given everything that has gone on in the past year, this isn't shocking. After beating Michigan, winning the Legends division and getting passed over by the BCS, they've been bitter for a while. Does no one remember what players said after the bowl selection last December?

And then the "Spartan tears taste like sugar" sign at the Sugar Bowl? (Kirk Cousins quickly deleted this tweet, but the internet doesn't forget!)

So again, I'm not surprised they reveled in the fact that their rival faltered in a spotlight they felt was undeserved. ESPN hyped up U-M as being back and the top in the Big Ten. MSU players didn't think so. Alabama proved so. Dantonio is also right in making a public point to stop it. There's a reason some schools have Twitter bans for athletes.

As for "Pride comes before the fall." This is about the 156th time you could use it over the last 4.5 years regarding MSU fans or players being cocky when it comes to Michigan. If you think Oct. 20 will mean more to U-M than MSU, you're kidding yourself. The rivalry will always mean more to the Spartans.

Bulletin board material? I think four straight losses and perhaps the top spot in the division is plenty of motivation. Don't expect many exciting tweets from MSU players the rest of the season. Expect some extra running in practice or something of the like.

Just count this as the equivalent of a political gaffe that lasts a few days in the news cycle. It's just a little more fuel to the already-burning rivalry fire.

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