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Around SB Nation: Le'Veon Bell is a Heisman candidate and why Michigan State is like ... Murphy Brown?

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We're taking a new series for a test drive here at The Only Colors. Each Wednesday, we'll add an 'Around SB Nation' links post, separate from your regular scheduled Linking Laconically posts, to the lineup. The purpose of these posts, however will be simply to highlight some great content solely on SB Nation college football or team sites. Yeah, it's a little inbred, but there really is a lot of great content within the SB Nation family, and hopefully, these posts will point you to some new sites or writers who you find interesting. Links after the jump.

The Week 1 Coaches' Poll, As Represented By 90s Sitcoms - From Our Editors -

Bill Hanstock looks at the coaches' poll and determines which 1990s sitcom corresponds to each team. I watched more Murphy Brown than I'd care to admit, but hey, it's better than getting pegged as 'Home Improvement' like a certain Ann Arbor-based team.

11. Michigan State - Not, you know, FUNNY-funny, but still pretty good. Did I describe Michigan State or Murphy Brown? We'll never know.

2012 Heisman Horse Race, Week 1: Geno Smith, Le'Veon Bell Win The Intro -

Bill Connelly will do a weekly column this season breaking down Heisman candidates. Mr. Bell came in at an impressive No. 2 in the first installment, behind West Virginia's Geno Smith:

2. Le'Veon Bell, Michigan State Dan Rubenstein on 2012 Heisman odds It took an 89 percent completion rate to keep Bell from finishing first. The 237-pound sophomore was downright Javon Ringer-esque in racking up 51 touches Friday night against Boise State, and the Spartans needed every one of them. Bell gained 210 yards in 44 carries (4.8 per carry), caught six of seven passes for 55 yards, and scored twice. Over the course of a 14-game season, that's a pace of 2,900 rushing yards and almost 800 receiving yards. That's also over 700 touches ... which is entirely unrealistic. But still, he was incredible in Week 1.

What we learned from Boise State's loss to Michigan State - One Bronco Nation Under God

The folks at One Bronco Nation were impressed with the team's defense against MSU, less impressed with other aspects:

Going into the season, we thought maybe the offensive line or the wide receivers were the backbone of the Broncos, but it appears that the backbone is going to be the defense - tough, aggressive, opportunistic, and defiant. If Boise State can withstand an onslaught of Michigan State caliber and only allow 17 points, then the rest of the BSU schedule is going to seem like scrimmage. I'm one for getting my bold predictions really wrong, but here's one anyway: Boise State will not lose a game this year if it scores 24 points or more.