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Random MSU Photo Of The Week: MAC Vs. Wabash Football (1909)


Action shot from a M.A.C.-Wabash football game, October 16, 1909. On the front: "M.A.C. vs. Wabash Oct. 16th 08.," "28-0," "EN Bov," and "Harddon, Campbell, Stone, Cort, McKenna, Evelby, Barnett." On the back: "Mr. W.R. Otis 60 Hazelwood Ave. Detroit, Mich." "M.A.C. 11/9/09. Well old kid how are you stacking up? Look he down and see you. Wish we had a chance to put it all to U. of M. this year. Wall easy 5 at. and would have beaten N.D. due. Got to go some to get Marquette tho' next 5 at. I think this is one of best action pictures I ever saw."

That back description is pretty awesome.

According to the media guide, MSU won this game 28-0, going 8-1 on the season. The lone loss came the following week against Notre Dame. (MSU plays Notre Dame next week. See the coincidental timeliness??) The U-M reference was because MAC didn't play the Wolverines that year, and the writer sure thinks MAC would have had a chance. MAC went on to beat Marquette 10-0.

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