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Big Ten releases 2018-2019 football schedules

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

More down-the-road scheduling, this time, five and six years out.

Here's a look at MSU's 2018 and 2019 schedules.



Thoughts: Not brutal, but not easy. Crossover games are NW, Purdue and at Nebraska. There is no date for the USF game, so those aren't byes up at the beginning. The nonconf schedules aren't done. Having Michigan and Ohio State both home or both away means the even years will be the ones where MSU has its best chance at a division title, especially with five conference home games. MSU-PSU is no longer the regular season finale. Joke about the trophy, but it was nice having that consistency, and the series has had some really good games.



Thoughts: Not expecting a division title. Crossovers are at NW, at Wisc (#BorderBattle!) and Illinois, along with playing at Ohio State and Michigan. Brutal road schedule, boring home schedule, though nonconf will change that. Also, that's four straight years with Northwestern, so Mark Hollis gets what he wants with that Chicago connection. Meanwhile, MSU and Iowa meet once from 2014-2019.

Here are the full schedules through 2019