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MSU vs. Illinois: Predictions

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, The Only Staff gives their score predictions for the game, except KJ, because he's always wrong

ChrisVannini: MSU 28-14

PeteRossman: MSU 24-20

KJ: I predict you yell, "RUN THE GOSH DARN BALL," or some variation, at some point during the game.

LVS: MSU 17-13

HeckDorland: MSU 28-21

SpartanDan: MSU 27-16

Con-T: MSU 20-10

patrick_hayes: MSU 13-9

intrpdtrvlr: MSU 22-13

SpartanBDF: MSU 38-10

Jameson Draper: MSU 31-16

Con-T (21-6) and SpartanBDF (24-3) tied last week, but Tim was closer to MSU's score, so he gets the win. I have two wins, Tim, Pete, Jameson, Patrick and Josh (intrpdtrvlr) have one each.

What's your prediction?