TOC: The Tailgate, Part Deux - POSTPONED

UPDATE: Given that the weather looks cold and wet again, we are going to postpone The Only Tailgate until a later date (either Michigan or Minnesota). Clearly, we should have gotten on this earlier and done it last week. Apologies to anyone who made special plans in order to attend. We like each other, but not enough to huddle in tents in the mud again.

We're going to try this again--for the Purdue game on the 19th (a week and a half from now). Hopefully, the weather will be better this year. It can't be any worse than 30 degrees and wind/rain.

Jim has graciously agreed to host us again at his regular site on Adams Field. Map:


He's usually right on that red dot. I promise to have an actual sign that says "TOC" or something like it up this year. Check our Twitter feeds for any late-breaking audibles.

Lots open at 7:00 in the a.m. for a noon kickoff. Closing time will be around 11:00. BYO everything. Game tickets are going for around face value on the secondary markets. Midnight Madness is the night before.

At least 4 or 5 of us writers types will be there. Drop a note in the comments if you plan to come, so we can have a rough idea how much space our goons should clear out. #thugz

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