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Photo of the Week: MSC football receives a new car

MSU Archives

This image shows football coach James Crowley and football captain Harold Smead receiving the delivery of a new Hudson "8" on campus, March 15, 1930.

Now, I know what you're thinking. I don't think it's that. For one, why pose for a photo? Two, a car on campus is going to get noticed in 1930. Crowley was coach from 1929-33, posting a 22-8-3 record.

I found this interesting note about Smead in the Ludington Daily News from November 1930. Alumni raised money to pay for a scholarship after his leg was amputated following a motorcycle accident. There was a fundraiser at a baseball game and a football game.

For the U-M game in 1930, Crowley got Smead to fly in to Ann Arbor from Boston, and he inspired MSC to a 0-0 tie while sitting in a wheelchair. It was the only mark on Michigan's undefeated season.

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