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Taco Bell ends Breslin Center promotion



"Our local franchisee is grateful for the passionate Taco Bell fans at Michigan State University and is exploring exciting new partnerships with MSU Athletics," Taco Bell Corp. said in an email statement to the Associated Press. "As a thank you to fans, customers with an MSU basketball game ticket can still get a free taco at the locations below for the remainder of the season when the team scores at least 70 points."

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It's the end of an era, as it has been discovered that the Taco Bell promotion with MSU basketball has been discontinued. No more "We Want Tacos" chants as MSU nears 70 points. No more hoping the Spartans forget sportsmanship and go for the taco kill.

From MLive:

"The sponsorship agreement with them ran out," MSU associate athletic director Paul Schager said, "and they decided not to renew it, although it was a fan-favorite and something very positive and very popular. We did our best to convince them to continue the deal, but they opted out this year."

Given MSU's offense is pretty good this year, that's a lot of tacos that would have been claimed.

I don't know when the promotion started, but I used to get my friends' upper bowl Izzone tickets as a freshman in 2007-08 and getting, like, five tacos. Shortly after, they limited it to one per person.

Now it's zero.

From Taco Bell's perspective, it makes sense. There really was no need to give away free tacos. What, now college students won't go to Taco Bell? Still, it's too bad. Is the Taco Bell taco hat still around in the Izzone?

Just another example of the de-corporatization of college athletics.