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Sparty vs. Bucky in Capital One Mascot Challenge

Leon Halip

MSU won't have a chance to play Wisconsin on the field, but while fans bicker about at-large BCS possibilities, Sparty and Bucky are, coincidentally, facing off in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

From Capital One:

Michigan State's Sparty has moved on to the playoffs, joining seven other university mascots in the Capital One 2013 Mascot Challenge.

The playoffs take place over the next three weeks and are single-elimination.

In week one, Sparty, seeded No. 2, will be paired against Bucky Badger, No. 7, from the University of Wisconsin - and right now it looks like he needs fans to step it up! Voting will end this Sunday at 11:59 PM ET.

Capital One's National Mascot of the Year will win $20,000 toward their school's mascot program and the winner will be announced at the Capital One Bowl game on Jan. 1, 2014.

Ultimately, the mascots' playoff fate lies in the hands of the fans. There are three ways fans can take action and vote.

  • Sparty fans can click "vote now" to earn one point for their spirit-filled mascot here:
  • Complete the weekly 25 point challenge: Answer to this question on Twitter or Facebook, "If your mascot started a country, what would it be called?"
  • Complete the weekly 100 point challenge: Design a flag for the country and upload a photo or video of it on Twitter or Facebook

Each submission must use the #CapitalOneSparty hashtag.

#BorderBattle #RealRival