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The Only Colors Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

Are your shots in the dark better than those of other TOC readers? If so, you can win some awesome prizes from Underground Printing.

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At TOC we like to do Pick 'Em contests for bowl season, and Michigan State making the Rose Bowl hasn't changed that one bit.  In fact, this may be the biggest contest we've run yet.  So here's how the contest will work:

- We're running a confidence Pick 'Em, meaning you'll pick the winners of all 35 bowl games, then sort them in order based on how confident you are in the pick. For example, if you think there's no way Florida State is losing to Auburn, that would be 35 points.  If you think Michigan State might win the Rose Bowl but are deathly afraid of that pick negatively impacting you in the contest (like myself), you'd give the Rose Bowl at one point.

- The person with the most points at the end of the BCS National Championship game wins the contest.  Don't worry, we'll have prizes for the top three scores, so make sure you fill out the tiebreaker as well.

- We're running the contest through ESPN, so click here to go to the contest.

As for the prizes, we've once again teamed up with Underground Printing, who have some of the best, if not the best Spartans gear available. They've even made special shirts for the Rose Bowl, like this one:



Pretty nice, huh?  These are the prizes we'll be offering:

1st Prize - $100 Gift Certificate to Underground Printing

2nd Prize - $50 Gift Certificate to Underground Printing

3rd Prize - 1 T-shirt from Underground Printing

Lastly, even if you don't win the prizes, Underground Printing was nice enough to give a discount to all TOC readers! You can get 15% off your online order by typing in this code at checkout:


If you want a good place to use the code, click here to go to all of UGP's Rose Bowl as well as MSU products.

All participants are subject to the rules here -- TOC Pick 'Em Rules 2013 -- and good luck to everyone!