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Mike Sadler is the best at Twitter

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

When he's not punting his way to the Heisman or being an three-time Academic All-American, Mike Sadler is having fun with Twitter.

Athletes and Twitter don't often mix well, but Sadler makes jokes and is never afraid to make fun of himself, including sending photos of himself in a speedo to Pat Narduzzi. Before the Heisman Trophy ceremony, Sadler sent some tweets to Johnny Manziel asking for advice on handling it.

But some recent tweets have been so good that I'm putting them in a post.

"You will punt in the Rose Bowl." Never has a statement been more #B1G.

Then, today, Sadler and Faux Pelini, one of the best parody accounts around, got into a conversation, for some reason.

After some more back and forth, Sadler SHUT IT DOWNNNNNNNNN

We're done here.