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Revisiting our football season predictions

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We knew 2013 had a chance to be special one for MSU football. The schedule was set up well and most of the offense and defense was returning.

Still, after a rough 2012 season, few could have seen a school-record 12 wins coming in 2013. I said any less than eight would be a failure.

With the regular season and a Big Ten Championship in the books, let's take a look at how we predicted the regular season to go before the year. Readers, you can take a look at your predictions if you commented in the original post.

ChrisVannini: 9-3

PeteRossman: 9-3

KJ: November will be a provocative month

LVS: 8-4

HeckDorland: 10-2

SpartanDan: 10-2

Con-T: 8-4

patrick_hayes: No prediction given

intrpdtrvlr: 10-2

SpartanBDF: 10-2

Jameson Draper: 9-3

We all expected a good season. No one predicted a great season. Based on the 2012 offensive performance, it was understandable. November didn't prove to be too provocative, given MSU won the division by three games.

Looking at 2014, my early prediction is a 10-2 regular season, with a loss at Oregon and either at home against Ohio State or at Penn State.

How did your 2013 prediction turn out?