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MSU vs. Penn State: Preview/Game Thread

Penn State's mascot is the dumbest.
Penn State's mascot is the dumbest.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports
Your Michigan State Spartans vs. the Penn State Nittany Lions
Bryce Jordan Center - State College, PA
Dec. 31, 2013, 5:00 P.M.

Online streaming: BTN2Go

Apologies for not having a full preview for the Big Ten opener, but playing at 5 p.m. on New Year's Eve is just incredibly stupid. That and the fact we've been putting Rose Bowl stuff together (#footballschool) and have day jobs mean we just couldn't find the time. I'm probably going to miss this game. This is by no means a slight to Penn State, whom KenPom has as just a five-point underdog. This could be a tough game for the Spartans. Stop doing non-bowl game sports on New Year's Eve. No one cares. There might be 10 fans at this game.

The Nittany Lions are No. 82 in KenPom with a record of 9-4. They're 1-3 against KP top 100 teams, but all three losses were very close, and they completely blew a huge second half lead against No. 75 Princeton at home.

PSU can score, ranked No. 46 in adjO and shooting 54.1 percent on 2s (No. 27). This is despite the two best players being guards Tim Frazier and D.J. Newbill. Frazier still does just about everything. They take care of the ball, but don't rebound well on offense (28.7 percent, No. 257).

The Nits are No. 159 in adjD. They don't force turnovers, but they do well on the defensive glass (27.3 opp OR%, No. 33).

KenPom predicts a 77-72 MSU win, giving the Spartans a 68 percent chance.

This is also the Game Thread. No links to illegal game streams, no slurs, and please don't feed the trolls.