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Michigan State 75, Michigan 52 -- Your Postgame YEEESSS Thread

WOW. That's all that needs saying.


First of all, obligatory because the Spartans beat the Wolverines by 23 and it wasn't really that close:

Second of all...*ahem*...HOLY CRAP. I'm trying to think of the superlative Michigan State Basketball performances I've seen in the past decade. Lousiville in '09. Colorado as a 7-seed in '03. Obviously Michigan in 2000, and as requested, here you go:

But as impressive as that game in 2000 was, that performance was against a shell of a Big Ten team, not like the one MSU faced tonight. Michigan State's defense for the most part was aware, energetic, and forceful, while the offense was in equal parts dynamic and workmanlike.

Let's go over key stats: Gary Harris, 5-9 from three and solidifying his place as Big Ten Freshman of the year. Derrick Nix, unstoppable in the first half. Keith "KEEF" Appling: 4-14 yes, but active defensively and contributed seven rebounds, second to...Denzel Valentine, with 7 points on 3-5 shooting, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

And yes, that is a paragraph break because Matt Costello deserves it: 8 points on perfect shooting, 6 rebounds, one radiant smile, and one time trending worldwide on Twitter. Way to come of age at the right time.

This is the postgame craziness thread. Go crazy.